Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders - Outskirts of Your Heart (2007)

Ex-mainman of the Lazy Cowgirls Pat Todd released this opus to little or no fanfare. Two discs and 28 songs, ranging from sparse folk to the raging garage punk that the Cowgirls excelled at. Todd has a way of melding every style of Americana into a glorious, decadent whole and the guitar leads come straight out of the tradition of Johnny Thunders, which is to say they shouldercheck the rest of the band out the way and fight for space. This is a sprawling, messy, warts'n'all masterpiece about crushed dreams and the loss of youth, and it joins Bob Forrest's You Come and Go Like a Pop Song (released under the band name the Bicycle Thief) as one of the most profoundly personal releases of its decade.

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