Saturday, March 3, 2012

Freddy Lynxx and the Jet Boys - Larger Than Life Dusted (2004)

This re-issue of the Jet Boys' impossible-to-find 1990 album Larger Than Life (now credited to "Freddy Lynxx and the Jet Boys" and complete with a handful of bonus tracks) boasts some New York Dolls worship of the highest order. The Dolls may have been blamed for influencing a lot of late '80s/early 90s glam - from Faster Pussycat and Poison to Motley Crue and Guns'n'Roses - but as much as those bands may have looked the part, they seldom sounded like it. The Jet Boys, on the other hand, were the real deal. Although originating in France, leader Freddy Lynxx did time as a roadie for Johnny Thunders, and Thunders himself chose the band's name (from one of his songs). Much of Larger Than Life sounds like the Heartbreakers with a horn section, with Lynxx bleating like the ghost of St. Johnny and the band oozing such a high dosage of junkie sleaze that you'd think they were birthed at the Mercer Street Arts Center in '72. The six bonus tracks, including covers of Thunders' "Pirate Love" and Wayne/Jayne County's "Toilet Love", allow the party to last just that much longer. Viva la France.
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